Time-Critical Electrification For Severn Tunnel Project


Electrifying 7.012km of railway in the Severn Tunnel was one of the most challenging aspects of the £2.8 billion Great Western main line (GWML) electrification project.

With the Severn Tunnel’s bore being too small for standard electrification works, Amco engineered a solution to install an aluminium conductor rail in the ceiling to power the trains.

6 Weeks



Amco contracted TRS to provide the on-track plant and POS services to support this time-critical job.


TRS deployed a fleet of RRVs and MEWPs for use in tunnels, along with a POS team and crane controllers to operate the equipment.  Amco designed special drill rigs and personnel carriers specifically for this project and we worked with them to cost-effectively and safely adapt our plant and provide the flexibility they needed.  We then supported the specialist AMCO team who drilled and glued the conductor rail in place.



The installation took place during a six week blockade, as part of a huge programme of works being carried out ready for electrification. Our project managers therefore had to work very closely with the program leads to ensure we kept to the works schedule, so as not to disrupt other projects taking place at the same time.

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