Bigger Dipper Improves Project Efficiency


Soil Nailing is a well-known, cost effective method for the long-term stabilisation of over-steepened soil slopes.  Railway embankments near Aberdovey required soil nailing as part of an upgrade to the Cambrian Coast rail line.

Ongoing since June 2017

Allun Griffiths


Allun Griffiths approached TRS to provide rail plant and POS services to support the soil nailing project which involved drilling bolts 4m deep into the bank at 2m centres, grouting, and laying mesh wiring over the top to secure in place.  As the bank was very high, TRS would drill as far up the bank as they could and then a specialist contractor would enlist a skid rid from above to finish the job.



Early in the project we realised that if we could extend our 5.5m dipper arm to reach further up the bank, we would be able to fit another three rows of nails from the ground.  Working alongside Allun Griffiths and the equipment manufacturer we set to work designing and manufacturing a 10m dipper.  Within weeks the team were using the new dipper and could easily achieve a 16m reach and therefore install the additional three rows.


Using a dipper with a longer reach improved the efficiency of the project.  By being able to install the additional three rows from the ground, Allun Griffiths no longer need to use an expensive and time-consuming skid rig to complete the job.

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