Rail Thimble


TRS2208 & 2209

Capable to Thimble New and Old Con Rail as well as Flat Bottom Rail.

  • Designed to be suspended from chain, hook or shackle from the host RRV boom
  • Allows long welded rail to be threaded into place ready for fastening, or quickly removed from the rail seats for transposing
  • Grease nipples fitted to each shaft allow for lubrication of each roller
  • Rollers grip the rail securely under the head and support it during the threading operation
  • Fitted with a safety check valve

Thomson Universal Rail Thimble – suitable for use with both CEN60 and BS113a rail without adjustment and with practically all types of flat bottomed running rail

Rexquote Thimble – built to handle standard flat bottom rails including UIC 60 and 113A

Arbil Mark 3 Rail Thimble – suitable for use with BS113A, UIC60 and Bull Head rail sections


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