MEWP RRV - Genie Z60


The Genie Z60 road-rail access-railer makes it possible to reach almost all areas from one line.

  • Platform height: 10.3m (from rail level to underside of basket)
  • Working height: 11.5 m
  • Outreach: 9m – 11m at full height
  • Basket capacity: 300kg
  • Can control platform from the ground or from the control panel in basket
  • On-rail speed with the basket stowed: 16 kph
  • On-rail speed when in use (basket elevated): 4kph
  • Can tow up to 500kg on a trailer, making it completely self reliant for carrying tools and equipment

Plant numbers

TRS905 - GENIE Z60 TRS906 - GENIE Z60