Genie Z60

The Genie Z60 road-rail access-railer makes it possible to reach almost all areas from one line. Platform height: 10.3m (from rail level to underside of basket) Working height: 11.5 m Outreach: 9m – 11m at full height Basket capacity: 300kg Can control platform from the ground or from the control panel in basket On-rail speed […]

Promax Evo RR14

With the ability to carry up to three workers and their tools at a height of 11.25m and a reach of 6m, the Promax Evo MEWP brings additional flexibility and efficiency. Designed to carry 3 operatives and tools Maximum basket payload: 400 kg ALO System 3 compliant TRS907, TRS909, TRS910, TRS914, TRS915, TRS916, TRS917, TRS920 […]

ART-17 Manitou MEWP

Manitou ART-17 Road-Rail Access-Railer Platform Working height – Restricted to Max 11.m Basket Capacity 400Kg – 3 pers Travel Speed – 12Kph – Stowed, Travel Speed – 4Kph Working Can control Basket from Ground Can tow up to max 520Kg Cants – Travel – 200mm, Working – 180mm, On/Off Tracking – 150mm ALO – High […]