Doosan Ultimate 270 UHL (Wheeled)

The Doosan 270 UHL is designed to handle the heaviest piling hammers currently available. Using stabilising legs and a hydrostatic drive, it offers superior lifting capabilities. Normal Reach 2.1 m and Long Reach 5.5 m dipper arms Short 1.4 m Dipper Arm for Piling GKD3 RCI Spaceguard Slew Limiter fitted for ALO working Direct Rail […]

Colmar T10000FS (Wheeled)

The Colmor T10000FS RRV loader can support  all types of track maintenance work.  With a maximum reach of 7.90 metres and lifting capacity of 11.30 tonnes, it’s powerful, reliable and extremely versatile.


All-round Visibility for Improved Safety Leading Lift and Reach Capability Rugged Design Low Operating Costs

Neotec MEWP Trailer

For use with TRS MEWPs Carrying capacity: 900kg Trailer weight: 100kg Trailer width: 1.62m Trailer length: 2.29m  


A multi-purpose attachment for excavating or lifting aggregates Available in a range of sizes for tasks including drainage work and ballast handling Often used for dropping stone on the track Compatible with all TRS RRV’s  

Doosan Ultimate 270 (Wheeled)

Converted from a Doosan DX170 W, the Ultimate 270 has three arm configurations and can lift an impressive 3500kg at 11m radius. Conversion of the Doosan DX170 W series Normal Reach 2.1m and Long Reach 5.5m dipper arms Lifts 3500kg at 11m radius GKD 3RCI SpaceGuard system fitted for ALO working Direct rail wheel braking […]

Ultimate 270 Teleboom Crane (wheeled)

Features The Doosan Ultimate 270 Teleboom crane bridges the gap between RRV cranes and excavators. It can be set up in 60 seconds and lifts up to 12000kg at 17m in a full 360 rotation. Specifications Takes 60 seconds to set up Lifting capacity: 12000kg at 17m height Full 360 rotation Towing capacity: 70,000kg / […]

Kubota RTV 900

The Kubota RTV 900 is an off-road rail vehicle designed to facilitate the transportation of goods and personnel. 4 x 4 vehicle – fitted with diesel engine Transports driver plus passenger seating for up to five 6600kg towing capacity Up to four trolleys can be towed/propelled    

HTT Rail Personnel Carrier

The HTT Rail Trolley Personnel Carrier transports up to six workers to and from the jobsite. Tow / propel with a suitable vehicle Can be used in conjunction with Type B Towing Trolley Able to split into sections to aid handling and transporting to and from site Dimensions complete with Type B Towing Trolley: Total […]

HTT Type B Tool Trolley

Designed to be towed / propelled by a suitable RRV Fitted with hydraulic brake system Can be split into sections to aid handling and transporting to and from site Can be used with the HTT personnel carrier Trailer weight: 230 kg Max. carry capacity: 2000 kg  

Ballast Tamping Unit

Windhoff AST 8 ballast tamper is designed for use at rail tracks and at switches Features a total of 8 tamping picks which operate in unison Performance: 80-120 m/h (dependent on site conditions) Tamping unit weight: 1450kg Width: 845mm Length: 2.2m Height: 1.5m

Ballast Broom

Manufactured by Windhoff Weight: 2.200kg Removes excess ballast from rail tracks Hydraulic power provided through the RRV’s hydraulic system Sweeping performance: 500 – 700 m/h (dependent on depth of ballast)

Rail Thimble

Capable to Thimble New and Old Con Rail as well as Flat Bottom Rail. Designed to be suspended from chain, hook or shackle from the host RRV boom Allows long welded rail to be threaded into place ready for fastening, or quickly removed from the rail seats for transposing Grease nipples fitted to each shaft allow […]

Powered and Manual Cable Decoiler

Cable Decoiler and A Frame Designed to unreel and tension cables in a controlled manner Decoiler drum can be mounted on a suitable rail trailer in a fabricated steel A frame Cable is fed out as the towing RRV travels along the track Overall length: approx 2.5 metres    

Ballast Box

We have a range of equipment to support ballast handling, including ballast boxes for transporting ballast along rail tracks.  


Camlock clamps Suitable for lifting beams, rail tracks and other sections of track. Designed to lift in a secure and safe manner. Drag clamps Used for pulling lengths of railway rail

Lifting Beam

Delta Lifting Beam Thomson Universal Lifting Beam The industry standard solution for tandem lift panel handling Also capable for use as a rail handling beam  

Rail Beam

Available for handling 30, 45 and 60ft long rail sections Can be fitted with various types of rail clamp Can be used with webbing slings Manufactured with a centre lifting eye as standard Fitted with lifting lugs at each end for use with a double leg sling Lower lifting lugs are designed to accommodate the […]

Sleeper Laying Beam

Designed principally for loading & stacking sleepers Have models to lift 4 & 7 sleepers 7 sleeper version has the ability to lay sleepers at appropriate spacing, by using alternate lifting lugs  

Tube Cube

A vacuum excavator designed to excavate ballast between and below sleepers without moving or disturbing track components Utilises a moveable suction hose with suction crown and support Can be used for various drainage and p-way duties Speeds up ballast excavation work Ideal for transporting ballast Empty function to re-lay ballast    

Fork Hooks & Crane Forks

Fork Hooks An easy and quick way to convert a forklift or telehandler into a mobile crane Ideal for lifting and manoeuvring smaller loads short distances around construction sites Crane Forks Suspended from a lifting hook Used to lift pallets Ideal for areas of the work place that a fork lift truck cannot reach Forklift […]

Komatsu PC138 (Tracked)

The Komatsu road-rail excavator is suitable for most excavation projects, offering stability and versatility. Suitable for excavation applications Slew Limiting System fitted for ALO working Low centre of gravity Reduced tail swing Prolec PC Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) Rubber tracked

Trailer Ramp

For loading equipment and materials onto rail trailers.  

Kobelco SK135 (Tracked)

The KOBELCO SK135 is part of Total Rail Solutions tracked excavator fleet, offering stability and precision for lifting and digging work. Low centre of gravity Reduced tail swing Prolec PC Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) Rubber tracked pads  

Personnel Carrier Attachment

This Personnel Carrier Attachment (PCA) is for use with suitable Philmor Rail Trailers For use within railway possessions Not be towed or propelled (on a ‘host’ trailer) at speeds exceeding 16km/h (10mph)  

Doosan DX140 Z Boom (Tracked)

The Doosan DX140 Z Boom is ideal for lifting and digging work, using a range of approved attachments. It has a Z boom of 3.7m. Z-Boom: 3.7m Towing capacity: 46000 kg GKD 3 RCI Spaceguard Slew Limiter for ALO System 3 compliance Tandem lift mode built-in Rubber-tracked Ideal for railway drainage work Safety cameras  

Piling Stillage

Provides a convenient and safe way to transport steel to the worksite.

Genie Z60

The Genie Z60 road-rail access-railer makes it possible to reach almost all areas from one line. Platform height: 10.3m (from rail level to underside of basket) Working height: 11.5 m Outreach: 9m – 11m at full height Basket capacity: 300kg Can control platform from the ground or from the control panel in basket On-rail speed […]

Stove Pipe Lifter

Designed to position and fit stovepipes and dropper tubes to tunnel roofs and gantry structures Incorporates a telescopic carriage – suitable for 1-5m long steel Hand operated hydraulic lift provides high precision installation – eliminating the risk of structure damage Specially designed clamps for lateral movement and free rotation of the steel when aligning bolted […]

Promax Evo RR14

With the ability to carry up to three workers and their tools at a height of 11.25m and a reach of 6m, the Promax Evo MEWP brings additional flexibility and efficiency. Designed to carry 3 operatives and tools Maximum basket payload: 400 kg ALO System 3 compliant TRS907, TRS909, TRS910, TRS914, TRS915, TRS916, TRS917, TRS920 […]

Steel Section Manipulator

Designed to erect and install steel section posts and masts onto prepared bases or steel tube piles Combines a scissor action grab with telescopic legs Handles square, rectangular and I-section steel work (from 200mm x 200mm to 650mm x 650mm) Roto-tilt head ensures precision positioning and alignment of the post with fixing bolts, etc Banksman […]

Rexquote Rail Trailer T4

The Rexquote T4 rail trailer is an industry favourite, with optional drop sides and removable posts, giving a totally flat load area. Maximum carry capacity: 21,000kg Trailer weight: 2,900kg Width: 2.5m Overall length: 5m

Tilt Rotator

Control system allows the simultaneous control of the: Rotation Slewing Hydraulic auxiliary function Hydraulic quick hitch Ideal for placing the attachment in its optimal operating position for tight spaces and for quick reversing Tilt rotators can be fitted to most excavators and a wide range of attachments (please provide make and model to establish correct […]


Used for breaking stone, concrete and hard materials.  

Ballast Plough

Cost effective way to remove excess ballast from the centre of the track and place it in the shoulder area Multi-adjustable wings, allowing ballast to be distributed to the required location


Total Rail Solutions has a wide range of shackles to complement its road-rail-fleet, supporting all types of lifting activity. Use the link below to access our fleet list and certification: View documentation  

Quick Hitch

TRS has a wide range of Quick Hitches to support our tracked and wheeled road-rail fleet. Please use the link below to access our certificates and documentation: View documentation

Short and Long Arm Certificates

TRS has a wide range of long and short arm dippers for lifting and piling, to complement its RRV fleet.  Use the links below to access our fleet certificates and documentation: Long Arm certificates Short Arm certificates    

Chain Certificates

Total Rail Solutions can support a wide range of lifting projects. Use the link below to access our chain certificates: View documentation

Hook Certificates

Total Rail Solutions can support a wide range of lifting projects. Use the link below to access our hook certificates: View documentation

Piling and Foundation Equipment

Piling attachments for RRV’s, used to install Various Types of piled foundations for example, CHS up to 762mm diameter, Kingpost Piles and Sheet Piles using various methods driven and augured. Soil Drilling equipment that can take various sizes of Augers.

Doosan DX140 (Tracked)

The DX140 is ideal for Digging, lifting and can use a range of approved Attachments. Towing Capacity – 46 Tonnes – Air or Hydraulic Park and Service Braking GKD 3RCI including Tandem Lift Duties Capable of operating External Emergency Brake Control to Trailer Man cage ALO Capable Cants – Travel – 200mm, Working – 180mm, […]


Seating Capacity: 14 Contains: Toilet Hand Wash Workshop Table & Fixed Seating for x 6 Kitchen /Canteen with Microwave and Hot Water Kitchen Seating x 2 Watch this short video to find out more about how this unique product provides a unique solution to the age old problems of: 1) Personnel Transport. 2) Proper Site […]

Bag Frame

Specifically designed for the safe movement of sacks, ballast or similar by hooping through all four welded lifting hooks. Due to it’s single lifting eye, the unit can be fitted to an overhead crane, HIAB or forklift via a swivel hook attachment.  


Robust and powerful grab attachments for the safe and efficient handling of logs and concrete and timber panels, sleepers and blocks.  

ART-17 Manitou MEWP

Manitou ART-17 Road-Rail Access-Railer Platform Working height – Restricted to Max 11.m Basket Capacity 400Kg – 3 pers Travel Speed – 12Kph – Stowed, Travel Speed – 4Kph Working Can control Basket from Ground Can tow up to max 520Kg Cants – Travel – 200mm, Working – 180mm, On/Off Tracking – 150mm ALO – High […]

Difuria Rail Trailer

Maximum carrying capacity: 18,000kg Trailer weight: 2,900kg Width: 2.5m Overall length: 5m

GOS Rail Trailer

GOS rail trailers offer optimum flexibility for transporting equipment to the jobsite. Non-powered, 2-axle rail vehicle Designed to be towed / propelled by a compatible vehicle Maximum carrying capacity: 20,000kg Trailer weight: 2,900kg Width: 2.5m Length: 5m Can be used with personnel carrier Can be combined together to carry long rail lengths Fully compliant to […]

Rexquote MEWP Trailer T12

Special lightweight two wheeled trailer Designed to work with MEWPs Transports tools and equipment to the jobsite  


Reversing camera for operator External emergency stops fitted Laser guided blade levelling system