Eat, Sleep, Compliance – Repeat!

Working safely, continually improving

Compliance with standards, rules and regulations is absolutely essential in the rail industry.

We always work transparently with our clients through regular reviews and processes to update our teams of new standards and procedures to ensure we are compliant and working correctly.

Assurance every step of the way

Being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year, we can ensure that expert advice, leadership and equipment is available at all times.

We have developed management processes and digital systems that allow us to tangibly measure our compliance and report back on a regular basis.

Systematically improving communication

The latest industry standards are available to our teams at all times.

We have made significant investments to our communications infrastructure and are completing a huge digital infrastructure investment so that every single one of our colleagues and supply chain partners have access to industry standards.

Our team of compliance personnel complete audits to ensure these standards are understood and met at all times.

We can ensure that expert advice, leadership and equipment is available at all times.

Compliance through training

A fundamental part of being and remaining compliant is through an effective training programme.

We work with our in-house training team and our externa; training partners, we provide accredited training, whether the person has just started or has 30 years of experience in delivery.

The right PPE...always

There are so many incidences where a project is delayed because a railway colleague is missing the correct PPE – especially for the season.

Through our dedicated PPE stockist we have immediate access to thousands of lines of PPE suitable for the railway environment and adhering to railway standards.

To ensure we are always compliant, all of our vehicles stock PPE so that our frontline teams always have access to the right PPE.  We also train our teams and supply chain partners on the correct usage of small tools and PPE.

Destination Total Safety

Total Rail Solutions’ behavioural based safety programme is ‘Destination Total Safety’. The aim is to implement and manage our programme in such a way that working safely will become “business as usual”.

This will be firmly embedded within the company, with our open culture being evident. This is our long-term strategy.

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